Child & Family Services, Inc. 

Policy & Procedure

Columbia Suicide Rating Scale (CSRS) 


Child & Family Services, Inc. Works to ensure the safety of clients in all of its programs. Emergency Services Program will use the Columbia Rating Scale to assess the patient’s level of risk as it relates to self-harm. 


Upon program enrollment and during the course of the evaluation, the clinician will complete the Columbia Suicide Rating Scale for the purpose of assessing suicide risk of a patient. Clinicians will complete this event during the initial encounter and daily thereafter for the duration of time that the client is actively enrolled in ESP. 

The Columbia Rating Scale will only be used when the clinician completes a full evaluation and a 24-hr. Reassessment 

Note: This applies to both ES-Adult and ES-Youth enrollments. 

The score and clinical presentation will be discussed as part of the presentation to the AOC to determine risk and level of care. 

Approved 3/2/2021 (MM/CQI) 

Created 3/2/2021 (MB/ES MGR)