An Overview

This article shows the step by step process for adding dates to the filemaker FeeForServiceREPORTER file in order to add payroll periods.


Please read through all important information before continuing with this article

  • If a holiday changes the pay period start or end date this process will need to be checked in detail as the pay date is calculated by the pay period end date.


Please make sure to follow all steps as written below. If there is any issues with this article please report them to the IT Department immediately for corrections and additions.

    1. Click Edit Pay Periods


    1. Click New Record


    NOTE: New record will populate below selected row. Select row by clicking in the row and confirm selection by small tab on left (see screenshot below, row 1/17/2021 – 1/30/2021 is selected) 





    1. Enter the pay period start date in the OverRideDate for START of Period and OverRideDate for END of Period fields



    1. Ensure that the pay day field populates as expected based on final end date field. 


    1. If dates look as expected check Show In Picklist box


    1. Once complete click Exit


    1. Double check that newly entered dates are available from Pay Period START DATE field on main screen of FeeForServiceREPORTER report


    1. If available, double check the dates below are accurate as well