An Overview

This article outlines the steps to onboard your current android device into the Mobile Device Management program from the application install initiated by Samsung Knox.


Please read through all important information before continuing with this article

  • Android devices ONLY
  • 'ME MDM' must already be on your device


Please make sure to follow all steps as written below. If there is any issues with this article please report them to the IT Department immediately for corrections and additions.

  1. Open the list of your apps on your phone and look for the "ME MDM" icon, once located, click to open it.
    NOTE: If you do not see this icon, then STOP and please follow THIS TUTORIAL

  2. With the app opened, you should now be prompted to acknowledge the device will be enrolled to our management server. Click the "Continue" option as shown below:
    NOTE: If you do not see the message in the example below, then STOP and please follow THIS TUTORIAL

  3. Click the "Continue" button to continue with the installation

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the permission screen and locate the activate option. Once found, click the "Activate" option as shown below:

  5. Please allow 5 seconds to 1 minute for the application to fully install. During this time, DO NOT close out of the app, restart your phone or do anything else. Once it has been completed, click the "FINISH" button as shown below:

  6. Once you have clicked finish from the previous step you will now be brought to the apps home screen for your mobile management profile. Once you see this screen the installation has successfully been completed!

  7. Congrats! you have successfully enrolled into our MDM solution