An Overview

The purpose of the this article is to guide you through the usage of the SonicWall Mobile Connect application to allow access to CFS resources from outside the facility.


Please read through all important information before continuing with this article

  • You MUST have completed the Registering SonicWall with Authenticator App (Click here for Guide)  first before continuing with this article
  • You MUST have completed the Installing the SonicWall Mobile Connect Application (Click here for Guide)  first before continuing with this article
  • Please disconnect your VPN session when you are no longer using the connection or need to step away
  • Save your work often, as the VPN could time out due to inactivity


Please make sure to follow all steps as written below. If there is any issues with this article please report them to the IT Department immediately for corrections and additions.

  1. Double click the "SonicWall NetExtender" icon from your desktop

  2. At the login screen in the server field enter "", enter your windows username in the username field, enter your windows password in the Password field, and lastly enter "cfs.local" in the Domain field as shown in the screen shot below:

  3. Once you have confirmed the information press the "Connect" button

  4. If this is your first time logging in you should get a Security Alert, when prompted press the "Accept" button

  5. You will now be asked to provide the Authentication app code from the "Authy" app. To do this, open the "Authy" application from your mobile device and choose the "CFS VPN" to reveal the authorization code

  6. Enter the authorization code generated by the "Authy" application "CFS VPN" token and enter it into the authentication section of the SonicWall NetExtender pop up as shown below and press "OK"
    Please Note: because the authorization code expires every 30 seconds and a new one is generated, you only have this limited time to enter the code from the authy app to this password field

  7. You should now see the status of your connection as shown in the screen shot below which means you are connect to the CFS network! you should now be able to access all your resources as though you were in a CFS facility. If you run into any issues with accessing a resource, please put in an IT Ticket and someone will assist you as soon as they can.