An Overview

The purpose of the this article is to guide you through the usage of the SonicWall Mobile Connect application to allow access to CFS resources from outside the facility.


Please read through all important information before continuing with this article

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Please make sure to follow all steps as written below. If there is any issues with this article please report them to the IT Department immediately for corrections and additions.

  1. Registering SonicWall with Authenticator App (Click here for Guide)
    In order to use the SonicWall VPN application you must first install what is known as a 2-Factor Authentication app. This is used to prevent access to our systems if you windows credentials have been compromised. The authentication app works by providing you with a one time code that you will enter into the SonicWall Mobile Connect app to authorize your connection. 

  2. Installing the SonicWall Mobile Connect Application (Click here for Guide)
    To gain access to CFS resources as though you were physically in one of our building you must have the SonicWall VPN client downloaded and installed on your computer. 

  3. Establishing a VPN Connection (Click here for Guide)
    Now that you have successfully setup your authentication app and installed the SonicWall application you are now ready to connect to CFS services and access all the same internal application as you would do if you were in the office.