The purpose of this route is to allow a member of the Administrative Lock workgroup the ability to lock

and mark an event as approved in one action in the case of a staff member who created the event, did

not complete and submit and is now no longer with the organization.

NOTE: The routing button will only appear to those members of the Administrative Lock workgroup


Routing Actions

There are two routing actions available for the user – Lock and Complete or Re-Assign. They are

available by clicking on the “Routing Options” button in the form’s toolbar.


User Actions

Lock and Complete

Used to lock and approve the event.

1. Open the event and click Routing Actions.

2. Enter a note.

3. Click the Lock and Complete button. This will eSign the Event.



Used to re-assign the event to another clinician.

1. Click Re-Assign tab.

2. Click the Re-Assign To: drop-down and select any user.

3. Type a note.

4. Click the Re-Assign button.