Obtaining Client Signatures Via Zoom

An Overview

The purpose of this article is to walk an evolv user through virtually obtaining a client signature.


Please read through all important information before continuing with this article

  • This guide will not work if the client is using a cell phone


Please make sure to follow all steps as written below. If there is any issues with this article please report them to the IT Department immediately for corrections and additions.

  1. Evolv NX Production should be on your desktop. If it is not, let your supervisor know. Double click to open. 

    2.Login with your same username and password. All of your data from current evolv is in evolv NX but it looks different.

    3.This is what you will see when you login. For an intake, you will first have to check the client in before their tasks will populate. You can do this by clicking on task bar.

    4.Click Attendance Check In/Out from the drop down menu. 

    5.Click Front Desk Daily Check In. Please note this can only be done the same day as the appointment as far as I am aware.

    6.If the screen is blank, hit refresh. Scroll down until you find the appointment. Click Check-in. 

    7.Another check-in screen will come up, and you close out of this. 

    8.Click on Client at the top of the screen

    9.Click My Client from the drop-down, click My Client again.

    10.Type the client’s name into the search bar

    11.Double click on the client’s name to select the client.

    12.Click Client Requirements from the favorites bar. * Note your favorites will carry over from old evolv. Please put client requirements in your favorites for easy access.

    13.You will see both completed and scheduled tasks. For a new client, there will likely not be anything in completed tasks. You can uncheck the completed tasks box as you do not need this for intake.

    14.Find consent for treatment in scheduled tasks and click actions. Select complete task from the drop-down.

    15.This document will open in a new window. This is when you will start to share your screen. Be aware that the client can see anything that you can see once you share your screen, including other open internet tabs. 

    16.From Zoom, click share screen.

    17.You are given the choice which screen to share. Select the evolv nx screen by clicking on it with your mouse.

    18.The client is now able to see the consent form. You can scroll down the screen to go over the form with the client and check the appropriate boxes. 

    19.At the top of the zoom screen, click More, then Allow participants to annotate. 

    20.At the bottom of the form, click “Click to upload signature”, Click Capture signature

    21.A Signature box pops up, the client will be able to sign their name with their finger if they have a touch screen. If they do not have a touch screen, they can sign with the mouse (though it is more challenging). Click Save. You can then save the form. 

    IMPORTANT: STOP sharing your screen before navigating to any other window to protect the privacy of other clients.