Verizon Identity (VID) User Guide V1.8 Page 

Verizon Identity Verizon Identity is a cloud-based identity-as-a-service solution that includes identity proofing, credential issuance and, strong authentication. VID shifts complexity from customers’ IT Departments to Verizon — allowing organizations to still retain control of identity proofing and strong authentication. Services that now take weeks to perform can be handled in minutes — without paper-based processes or manual updates for multiple applications. Verizon provides these services to all customers in a multi-tenant, highly secure, highly available, highly scalable and highly performing environment from multiple data centers located around the globe. This user guide will provide step-by-step instructions for creating a Verizon ID, as well as managing your VID account. 

Create a Verizon ID Account 

Your Verizon ID account will be created by an Administrator at your company. The steps involved in each user’s registration vary and are dependent upon the workflow chosen by your company. 

Logging into your Verizon ID Account 

You will be provided with a link to log into your VID account. It should be in the format of:

Use the login that was provided by your company. This could be your PC username and password or a username and password that is assigned to you. If this is a new username and password for VID you will be allowed to change the password. Those instructions will be explained later in this document. 

Select the delivery method for the One Time Passcode (OTP). Company requirements will determine OTP choices (Windows desktop, phone (Android or iPhone), Hardware Token) 

If one of your OTP choices is email you will receive an email from VID with your passcode. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam/junk folder 

Enter the OTP in the “Please Enter Your One Time Passcode” field and hit the Enter key or click “Sign In

This is your User Profile Dashboard 

For those companies that assigned a password to their users, this is where you can change your password. For all configurations, this is where you can change your email address due to name change, etc. You can also add a mobile phone number for SMS OTP. DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER SETTINGS! Customers’ requirements allow for the use of other One Time Passcodes (Windows desktop, Android, iPhone, Hardware Token). Below are the installation instructions.