An Overview

This article will outline the steps needed to take to start a Zoom Teleconference / Telehealth session from the zoom application installed on your android device.


Please read through all important information before continuing with this article

  • This application must be downloaded from the Google Play Store or by clicking HERE.
  • Your zoom session length is limited to 40 minutes. If you require additional time you will need to start another session. 


Please follow the steps below to successfully initiate a zoom session using the android app.

  1. Open your android app by clicking the icon on your phone and choosing "Sign In"

  2. Start a new meeting by clicking the "New Meeting" icon as shown below

  3. Make sure the following toggles are both on. By default, "Video On" will be in the on position, however you must turn on the toggle for "Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI)"

  4. When prompted "Allow Zoom to record audio?", choose "Allow"

  5. When prompted "Allow Zoom to take pictures and record video?", choose "Allow"

  6. You are now able to invite your patient, to do so pick either "Messages" or "Gmail" to message them the invitation code and meeting id to join your session

  7. You are now all set! Please wait while your patient joins your session